Here are some of the powerful feedback which is received on a daily basis;

wow,you are really hitting on points for me to grab your generous helptytyty.God Bless YOU.:)”


Corrina; “ Awesomeness and even a new Zealand me lol listens to your video’s which by the way are great thank you.”

Colleen I certainly enjoy your readings!  I appreciate your words, your voice and your mindset. Hope YOU have a great year!”

nyxs “Wow that was an amazing reading!  I wondered how you would handle the five of pentacles, that was awesome!”

D C “Thank you for this video Chris, the words spoken help me see more empowerment.”

d badger “ Love my reading….Thank you.  Love and Hugs”

G Allen

“Chris over the last year, intact exactly over a year ago from pretty much today… I turned my mind to Astrology and Tarot and have been watching videos by numerous people relentlessly. In the Bath, in McDonalds, at my desk… and as many people as I watch… honestly, nobody keeps it as real as you do. I am always grounded after watching your videos and after this one in particular I feel a lot less worried about my path. Thanks for all your hard work!”


“Thank you very much for this very exciting reading. i am inspired and filled with hope for new horizons.”

A David

“Chris, I was listening again. It is quite amazing, how you did catch the whole situation.

At the end i am really happy with it and feel powerful for the future”