Welcome to the home of learn the Tarot, here you can get to know what I do and book readings and sign up for the best course on Tarot.

I have been a teacher of Tarot and other energy arts for over 30 years and in that time have massed a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have helped many people to change their lives and increase knowledge of themselves through the correct use of Tarot.

For me Tarot is the most misunderstood system, it has become a system of fortune telling which debases it!  It is a fantastic symbolic language which, when understood will help you to know yourself and the world around you far more clearly.

The course I offer is unique, it is a living, ever growing course. As I add to the teaching you will have access to it. When I began to teach the course I would lead students on a 12 week journey yet it soon became clear that some groups would engage on a different level and hours would be spent discussing the hidden meanings within the cards and how they worked in everyday life.

become a part of the great adventure of Tarot, it will change your life.2 disks

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