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Learn the Tarot with Chris

On-line home of Learn the Tarot course

Welcome to the home of learn the Tarot, here you can get to know what I do and book readings and sign up for the best course on Tarot. google-site-verification: googlef8bfc5ea886441d9.html

I have been a teacher of Tarot and other energy arts for over 30 years and in that time have massed a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have helped many people to change their lives and increase knowledge of themselves through the correct use of Tarot.

You can book a reading, consultation of healing session and you can also enrol onto the Tarot course, but first a little more on what you get.

Tarot, an ancient and misunderstood system of visual language which will enable you to  unlock the hidden knowledge held within the subconscious.

You now have the chance to learn the way of intuition in a powerful and exciting 16 week course.

Learn the Tarot; the way of intuition is a weekly teaching mixing video lesson, notes and live help.  Where ever you are in the world you can benefit from this dynamic teaching.

There are lots of Tarot systems out there but Learn the Tarot nails it!  You will be able to read for yourself, understand yourself and the world you live in and gain knowledge into how you can take control of your life path. you will gain insight into your subconscious, this is the path to the higher self and the gateway to wisdom. 

Get to know your world in a better way!

The cost of the course  is $250.   This can be paid in 4 instalments, please contact me for details.

 What you get.

A library of video lessons, emailed worksheets and live Skype/Google hangout sessions.

Infinite updates, as I post new Tarot insights you will have access to them, this is a course which keeps on giving!

You will have the option on completing the course to enrol on the advanced course if you wish.


First blog post

Tarot is exciting!

Tarot is exciting! be it teaching the many hidden links and codes within it or sitting down in front of the camera to read for a client, it’s a buzz.

And it’s that buzz which for me is missing in so many, the buzz is not from the cards or being able to help people. No, the buzz comes from doing what I love.  Here for the first time I am making myself a little more accessible so that you can get a taste of who I am and what I do.

Tarot for me is a guidebook of infinite wisdom, it can show us how to live in harmony with our higher self and the world around us, it is why I love teaching it.