As well as teaching Tarot and personal development I also give life changing personal readings using the wisdom of Tarot, these sessions work to get you unstuck and tap into your personal power.  After many years of working with people I decided to venture into the medium of You Tube and a global network of clients.  When I began to use YouTube as a platform to promote what I know works I never expected to get so much amazing feedback so quickly!  Now, a few short years on I am happy to report that many people all over the world have benefited from the simple, down to earth teaching and wisdom which is the foundation of the methods I use to allow change to happen.

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My motivation for all I do is simple;  we all, at times need some direction and guidance, we all, at times need a non-judgemental ear to hear us and we all need to be accepted.

The way I conduct a session differs depending on the individual, if you are local I will arrange to meet you but most of my clients are in other countries so a video session is arranged. Some people are not able to engage in a video link. On receipt of payment I will make a video and email it to the client, I love working in this way as I know nothing about you!  This is then followed up with a second “feedback” video based on your questions.

Over the next few years I intend to hold lecture tours in the United States, Canada, the U.K. and Europe expounding the hidden wisdom of Tarot and how we can know ourselves in a deeper way.  I have a lot to share, based upon direct personal experience. Overcoming adversity is what I do best. Come and share my life,  my learning and experience.

If you run a centre, development group,  community, radio station, indeed, any platform to promote development and personal advancement I want to talk to you.

I am always happy to receive comments and questions and while you can leave them on the video’s at you tube if you would like to contact me directly you can do so here.   https://chrisbyrnetarot.wordpress.com/contact/how-to-book-and-pay/


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Here are some of the powerful feedback which is received on a daily basis;

wow,you are really hitting on points for me to grab your generous helptytyty.God Bless YOU.:)”


Corrina; “ Awesomeness and even a new Zealand me lol listens to your video’s which by the way are great thank you.”

Colleen I certainly enjoy your readings!  I appreciate your words, your voice and your mindset. Hope YOU have a great year!”

nyxs “Wow that was an amazing reading!  I wondered how you would handle the five of pentacles, that was awesome!”

D C “Thank you for this video Chris, the words spoken help me see more empowerment.”

d badger “ Love my reading….Thank you.  Love and Hugs”

G Allen

“Chris over the last year, intact exactly over a year ago from pretty much today… I turned my mind to Astrology and Tarot and have been watching videos by numerous people relentlessly. In the Bath, in McDonalds, at my desk… and as many people as I watch… honestly, nobody keeps it as real as you do. I am always grounded after watching your videos and after this one in particular I feel a lot less worried about my path. Thanks for all your hard work!”


“Thank you very much for this very exciting reading. i am inspired and filled with hope for new horizons.”

A David

“Chris, I was listening again. It is quite amazing, how you did catch the whole situation.

At the end i am really happy with it and feel powerful for the future”