A new healing model.

Emotional Pathworking


Emotional pathworking gives you the tools to permanently fix yourself.

The techniques I use in the session are simple and easy to learn; moreover, you are the healer I am merely your guide!

During our time together you will realize how your life has been, and still is affected by the long held but mostly forgotten memories and by tapping in to these you will discover the wisdom to change your life today.  You will be able to, with my guidance, overcome these blocks and act in a way that is natural to you.  In other words you will become your true self. This is a powerful process which will give you the potential to regain balance, focus and the power to recover. 

Benefits include – but are not limited to:

Increased vitality

Overcoming addiction


The ability to relax and stay relaxed

The knowing of how to be happy and stay ‘on purpose’

Overcome long-suffered conditions such as – M.E., depression, insomnia, asthma, weight gain/loss, blood pressure issues and much more.

IT’S QUICK TOO!  Most people require only 2 sessions.

Sessions are £40 and last between one and two hours either live or via video link.