Love power.

Love-power of your life

For many of us there is a price worth paying for the love you think you need, giving up a part of your intrinsic nature so as to fit in with the lifestyle of the object of your affection.   That’s why so many relationships fail.


To overcome this massive block to experiencing love, true love we should reexamine some key points, what is love, what does it do for us and how we’ll do we know ourselves?


  1. What is love?    

Love is a power,  a fundamental force of nature. It is part of a spectrum of energy which causes life to happen.   Imagine water, flowing powerfully through you, anything not securely tied down or strongly grounded will be swept away. Harsh edges will be smoothed down by its flow and if there are areas which are blocked they will be opened. The latter two will take time. The washing away part deals with the ways we act rather than be. Initially we may work to present an ideal version of ourselves to a potential partner and just as a fast flowing river will sweep away any and all loose stuff so love will sweep away acting. It will expose the truth of you both, usually as this manifests o n e or both parties run as here is the beginning of vulnerability.

The power of love leads to knowing. Just as the highest connection  in physical love is sexual union, in antiquity “to have knowledge” of each other so the energetic high point is to know the self.  Opening clearly and flowing deeply into the true needs of you and seeing in turn your mate fully and completely.

This process will allow total union.


  1. What does love do for us?


As outlined above love will lead us into a deep knowing of our self and the energetic level, it allows us to transform into beings of connection rather than beings who feel alone.  Consider the words a love and alone it’s one letter difference,  v

V is the Roman numeral for the number 5  energetically 5 is the human condition and our mission is to bring live into the human condition.

Love will open us up and show us the infinite nature of its power.


  1. How can we know ourselves?


The act of being a conduit for love, opening to its power will allow you to experience true connection to the world through the real sense of feeling part of the whole,   having the power of love flowing in you allows your inner wisdom to open and develop, courage and inner strength will forge your life, a purpose will develop and you will be more amazing than you can dream.


If you would like to know more and work with us to realise your true potential contact me at


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