Love life



We think of love as an exclusive state enjoyed by 2 people or a family unit yet love also exists for many other connected objects, places and memories.  In recognising this very real and important connection we can begin to cultivate a deeper state of being I  the world, in ourselves.

From an early age many of us are warned that material objects or money will not make us happy and that it is better to be humble and meek as this will make a better I individual in the years ahead,   the motivation  to create a world of luxury around you is seen as being material, shallow and unspiritual.  While it is a truth that the pursuit of this alone is unfulfilling. The act of loving your surroundings and the things you use in your  life as a result of recognising that you deserve the very best and that others will also benefit from this is the key to wealth.  For spiritual wisdom teaches us wealth is the ability to give of yourself without detriment to one’s energy it has little to do with money,  it has everything to do with life force.


For many years I experienced lack, lack of money, love, health one day I heard myself say  “I can make do, just get the basic one. It does the same job.”  

While this is true it limits on all levels.  Just making do allows no room for growth, no potential to evolve. It is as if I took an acorn and did not plant it then moaned that the oak never manifested!

Being afraid to ask for more can be a product of low self worth or self doubt.  

“I will only spend a 100 bucks on a car as if I get a nice one someone may steal it or scratch the paint.”

What that statement may mean is..

“I am getting my life full of stuff that I don’t love as a reflection  of my own deep beliefs around my self love” .

The ego may say otherwise but why would anyone surround themselves with sub standard things, places or people?  

By loving all the stuff which makes up your material experience you generate more love, more energy and wealth.  You will affect those you meet in an amazing way.  Someone once remarked “You feel really lucky”

I replied that we make our own luck and was just loving life.   

This adjustment to thinking allows for a deeper connection on all levels, ultimately all we can see, measure and weigh is an illusion. A mystical dance of energy frozen in moments by belief and perception.  By loving and wanting to cultivate a more loving and  fulfilling life we allow the dance of energy room to be awesome.  

  1. Take a moment now to adjust one aspect of your life so that you can love it more. Put a picture of a loved one up on a bare wall,  now you can love that space a little more and you will want to sit I  that space a little more and as you do you fill it with love and love always gives more back.
  2. Be discerning of what you see, hear, watch and eat.  By loving all you do more you will become healthier.  Even watching tv can become an act of love.  Enjoy uplifting programs which inspire you, open you and give you the urge to be more.
  3. Be the most amazing you can be especially when Alone,   honouring yourself for no other reason than you can is so empowering.

Everything in your world is important either as a help or hindrance and being aware of the difference is vital. Love it all but understand some things, people and places are best loved from a distance.   


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