Balance yin and yang


One if the fundamental problems of the western world is the mismanagement of our energy. Our chi is vital, balancing this subtle energy is a daily practice. For those you you who engage in yoga, Tai chi or qigong you know the importance of right eating, right living and so on yet the simple act of living in a society where working hard in situations which may not serve us fully will affect our chi and our health.

From an early age we are persuaded that it is correct to serve others, putting the needs of others before our own and that is noble when we serve our purpose in the correct way.

Back to chi,  more concisely the components which generate it.  Let talk about yin and yang.


We could while away many hours discussing the nature of these primal forces how ever for the purpose of the article we will keep it simple, quite literal.  Think the sea and a boat upon it.

The water is yin, it supports and moves the boat which is yang, yang is more rigid, unyielding and temporary whereas yin is endless, fluid and ever-changing, supporting the vessel.

In terms of our energy when we serve a cause which requires us to sacrifice part of ourselves we become yin externally. It follows that we become yang internally,  this will lead to issues of fatigue,  inability to respond to change without frustration, excess heat in the body and much more.  

Many of you reading this will have empathic abilities and you are most at risk.  As you are hard wired to care, it is of vital importance to nurture yourself first,  you will find your ability to care will increase many fold.  Once your internal yin is anchored your yang energy will be appropriate and your actions will be balanced.


In the next article I will share some exercises to aid in balancing yin and yang.


2 thoughts on “Balance yin and yang

  1. I really appreciate your nautical visuals as you explain the concept of ‘Yin/Yang’ – as an empathy & visual designer/artist, it really helped me to make sense and understand how we (unintentionally) sap our own energy reserves, when we over extend ourselves in order to assist others in our lives. I once read this quote, which I will now paraphrase and that is ‘when the plane in life is going down, one must always reach for our own oxygen mask before we can assist others with theirs’.
    Heather Mocha

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