The mindset of power & success

Life is for some a thing which happens around them, to them sometimes.  For many of us life is hard,  a series of events to “get through”

Yet some other of us will open their eyes each day and say “bring it! “  and here is the secret to energizing your life.  Mindset!

Mind set is a powerful term, to set one’s mind so as to maximise their potential, their experience and indeed their own lives is massive, imagine you had the power to do this to set and seal your mind so as to win your goals,  to get the maximum from each hour of your experience.   How would that look,  feel and be?

For many years I have studied energy medicine and related arts. In particular chi gung and tai chi.   Chi gung teaches that the mind is a tool which must be mastered. Just had a skilled fighter masters the sword, allowing maximum effect with minimum movement,  the mind is trained to be totally at your command.

But wait,  is your mind not you?

               Who is controlling the mind?

The term mind.  It’s tricky as mind is not brain, is not thought it is more akin to a field influenced by potential, perception and belief.

So, in very simple language, when I am faced with a new potential I have two choices;

See it as totally new and go forward to investigate its potential or,

See it through the filter of memory, past experience and retreat or worse move forward treating it as if it were the past.

Belief is powerful.  It sends nations to war!   So we must understand where our belief comes from in order that we do not become slave to it.

Perception is based upon belief.  Both perception and belief effect potential.  Your potential is you!  The limits of you are belief and perception,  change these and you will energise your potential.

To begin to “set” the mind is to become aware of the limits one allows upon it.  Allow is an important term,  we allow,  we are always in mastery of our minds, most of the time we just practice badly.  This is seen in pessimists who’s mantra is  “what’s the point. It never works.” And when it does fail they rejoice in the “see, told you so! “

Why do some seem to always win and even when it goes off plan they Still come back winning?  It’s the mind set.  Success is all there is,  in what ever firm it shows up in I learn from it, I grow from it.  To set the mind

  1. Never see failure, instead find the learning in the experience.

  2. Ponder the immense miracle that you are!  How you came to be here, now is so impossible yet it all happened so easily,  what IS really impossible?    Even if you can imagine it and have no idea how to make it happen yet,  you will soon. So, for now make a version of it.

  3. Always be aware that you are the watcher of thought.  Sometimes the maker of thought but mostly for now the watcher, when you become aware of this you become the seer, the seer of the thought which is no more than an influential pressure upon your infinite potential.    Spent some time each day as the passive watcher, be aware of the negative thoughts and their impact on your state of being.  These are limiting you in every moment and your most important mission is to guard against these slipping into the field of your potential.  As you become stronger you will notice a quiet calm bestow its self upon you.  You will awaken to stillness and here the seer becomes aware of true consciousness.

  4. Consider this, we live life the wrong way round.  We act on external stimuli which friend out our own potential.  Practice flowing out and allowing flow in. Be decerning. Never accept dross and negative energy into your sacred self.

  5. There are 3 tasks for you to master.  The seer, the keeper of the gate and the potential.   Go slowly in your training and your potential, your instinct and insight will expand.

To end I would love to share some words;

Devine am I inside and out, whatever I touch is so too.

Starmade are we, impossible made mundane, never forget the miracle you hide within your form. Never forget all that you experience is magical, it simply reflects your potential.


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