Protect yourself

I have been a student of spiritual and personal development for many years now and still get goosebumps when a concept “clicks” inside me, making me smile so hard as I just get it.  I love that experience.

Recently I had a moment of that and I’d really love to share it with you.

For many of us life is a constant practice of keeping “on top” of life,  a task of keeping the head above water.  Taking some time out from that practice allows us to refocus on the real nature of life,  remembering that we are amazing beings having a limited physical experience,  yes. Read that line again, limited experience.

As a young child I knew there was more that the visible, the measurable.  I suspected more was out (And in) there, yet when I questioned this suspicion I was told that this line of thought was dangerous,  the occult and black magic this way lie!


I was, as a young child given a fear which for a while suspended my investigations. I felt like I had been warned off,  back off,  don’t ask questions.

But that didn’t last long…

A while later I found a bible and started to read parts of it.  I was around nine or ten at the time and my parents came into the room. “don’t read that,  it’s not something you should get involved in.”

Something clicked,  we fear anything we cannot understand.  I put that book down and began to imagine the true nature of reality and how we are kept out of that and I found this conclusion. Fear of the unknown stops us knowing,  fear what you cannot see, stay in the dark.

Many years later I joined a spiritual “circle”

I was told in the strongest terms to protect myself, “from what? “  I asked.

“there are dark energies out there.”

I remembered that bible and the responses to my childhood questions,  I felt a sense of sadness that, once again I was facing someone in fear and trying to feel safe in that fear was attempting to pull me into it with them.  I sat in that circle one time only and was sad to see the energy of it and the others within in.

Over the years I have met people who believe there will be a second coming, alien invasion, disaster and they and their group will be the saviours of the land. On the appointed date nothing happens and then the delusion shatters.

I always wondered why people would fall for this delusion until one day I spoke to a professor of literature.   “We are all basically tuned into the idea of struggle, overcoming or giving into it,  transcending pain or giving pain is a basic device in all stories. “

It made sense. We are all used to the concept of good and bad.  Right and wrong,  if I am good there must be a bad.

In the current vernacular the term lightworker is common. Even this suggests working against darkness yet the dark is not bad.  Stepping into the dark will heighten our senses, tap into your instinct and slow you down.   The dark is where you can really find yourself. We need to elevate ourselves from the need to be good, right or on a side because in a world of duality one standpoint attracts and creates the opposite.  The more we affirm our rightness we invoke the potential of wrongness.  I know people who are so spiritually aware that they cannot function in the material world,  that is not the way to be.  We are here I  the mondial to experience it all and to also remember we are the very thing we are seeing and feeling too.

Living with the need to distance and protect yourself will simply bring into your experience the very energies you fear,  you create it.  There are times when we need to be aware, even to withdraw. That is the task of your awareness. Being in the moment so allow you to feel when to be guarded. Remember a skilled martial artist does not walk around tense, always in ready stance. No,  they are relaxed and enjoy life,  only when the need arises will they act.

We create our own reality, make sure yours is calm and chilled.

Protect yourself by being one with everything not by shutting yourself off. WIN_20170522_10_00_04_Pro


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