Solar eclipse in Pisces February 26th 2017


Tomorrow’s eclipse at 8 degrees of Pisces is a powerful end and beginning.  Hitting some major aspects astrologically it ushers in an amazing opportunity to work on healing past hurts, overcome wounds at the soul/energy level (Chiron)  Understand how illusion has held us back from realizing our dreams (Neptune)  I can help us to heal from the past both individually and collectively (South Node) and learn to communicate our needs (Mercury)

All this power at once can potentially blow us away but, as always the universe seeks to aid us and we also have Jupiter in opposition to Uranus and Mars, this arrangement seeks to heighten new thought, direction and can propel us into the realm of radical change so couple this with the eclipse energy and we are all set to make massive, amazing changes.

Change always causes an amount of fear but again, fear not as Pluto in the 3rd house, the house of the mind allows us a guiding light into the subconscious where all the stuff we need to release abides.  The mind is a multi-level labyrinth but with the Lord of the hidden in the house of the mind as our guide we have nothing to fear. rest assured not only will you be able to transcend many, if not all blocks it may also trigger some ideas to generate much needed cash in your life.

In short, things can only get better!


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