November Super Moon

This Moon is a big turning point in the road of the year, it marks a time of fierce clearing energy which becomes available to us on and around the 14th November.  Even though the ego will try to convince that we need these people or events in our lives the Taurus  Moon will flood us with the power to become self caring at a level some will never have felt.

This Moon sees the beginning of the return of energy to its lowest point at the winter solstice. This is not a bad thing at all, it is a time of great celebration!  The idea of energy returning to its lowest point reminds me of the Tao Te Ching  “The sea is king of all river because it lowers itself therefore all rivers flow to it. ”

This wisdom has been taken and twisted in western teaching to become “The meek will inherit the Earth.”   Being meek is not an option when we need to care for ourselves, we have to lower ourselves, in other words ground yourself in the things and energies you need to thrive,  when we allow ourselves to BE in the now we become very wise indeed and it is far easier to attend to the one or two things in the now rather than the ten thousand things in a future which, not only has not happened but may never.

Take these days and focus on what you really need and use the energy of the Moon which is most powerful in dissolving your intellect and allowing your instinct to guide you. It may feel odd, even dangerous but learn to trust it and your life can change for the better.


One thought on “November Super Moon

  1. Very interesting, and oddly I just emailed a friend yesterday (11/15, before reading this article) that I need to stop being such a sponge and just BE…and I never use caps within an email like that…synchronicity at it’s most basic. Thank you. d


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