Super Moon in Aries 16/17 October 2016

I have been looking forward to the Full Moon for a while now as it marks a real ‘hallway’ in our path through the year. By hallway I draw you to the saying “One door closes and another door opens. How good are we at shutting all the doors to the past though?
This unwillingness to close the doors is highlighted when we try and move forward. The noise from the rooms of our past distract us so that we cannot focus on the now.
So this full Moon give us some much needed rocket fuel to put some distance between us and the past.
This exercise can be done at any time but at the moment with so many people focusing on the act of letting go, cutting chords or what ever you wish to name it there is a little more energy to play with..

The most effective way to do this is to focus on the one area of your life you have the biggest problem in, take a while to think of the situation, person or place and then let your imagination lead you to the real reasons you struggle. You will dismiss a lot of it but don’t! Let your imagination, which is linked right into the center of your intuition give you new and surprising ways to be. Stick with it, it may take a while to get into it fully but I tell you this, it will become one of the most powerful tools you have.
The key to shutting the doors of the past are;

1. understand you can learn about yourself from it.
2. Understand you own your feelings and are in total command of them. (If you are not then your ego is.)
3.Never blame, never!

Three is the hardest, work at it for when you can forgo blame you are nearer peace.

And we all need that.


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