Love power.

Love-power of your life

For many of us there is a price worth paying for the love you think you need, giving up a part of your intrinsic nature so as to fit in with the lifestyle of the object of your affection.   That’s why so many relationships fail.


To overcome this massive block to experiencing love, true love we should reexamine some key points, what is love, what does it do for us and how we’ll do we know ourselves?


  1. What is love?    

Love is a power,  a fundamental force of nature. It is part of a spectrum of energy which causes life to happen.   Imagine water, flowing powerfully through you, anything not securely tied down or strongly grounded will be swept away. Harsh edges will be smoothed down by its flow and if there are areas which are blocked they will be opened. The latter two will take time. The washing away part deals with the ways we act rather than be. Initially we may work to present an ideal version of ourselves to a potential partner and just as a fast flowing river will sweep away any and all loose stuff so love will sweep away acting. It will expose the truth of you both, usually as this manifests o n e or both parties run as here is the beginning of vulnerability.

The power of love leads to knowing. Just as the highest connection  in physical love is sexual union, in antiquity “to have knowledge” of each other so the energetic high point is to know the self.  Opening clearly and flowing deeply into the true needs of you and seeing in turn your mate fully and completely.

This process will allow total union.


  1. What does love do for us?


As outlined above love will lead us into a deep knowing of our self and the energetic level, it allows us to transform into beings of connection rather than beings who feel alone.  Consider the words a love and alone it’s one letter difference,  v

V is the Roman numeral for the number 5  energetically 5 is the human condition and our mission is to bring live into the human condition.

Love will open us up and show us the infinite nature of its power.


  1. How can we know ourselves?


The act of being a conduit for love, opening to its power will allow you to experience true connection to the world through the real sense of feeling part of the whole,   having the power of love flowing in you allows your inner wisdom to open and develop, courage and inner strength will forge your life, a purpose will develop and you will be more amazing than you can dream.


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Love life



We think of love as an exclusive state enjoyed by 2 people or a family unit yet love also exists for many other connected objects, places and memories.  In recognising this very real and important connection we can begin to cultivate a deeper state of being I  the world, in ourselves.

From an early age many of us are warned that material objects or money will not make us happy and that it is better to be humble and meek as this will make a better I individual in the years ahead,   the motivation  to create a world of luxury around you is seen as being material, shallow and unspiritual.  While it is a truth that the pursuit of this alone is unfulfilling. The act of loving your surroundings and the things you use in your  life as a result of recognising that you deserve the very best and that others will also benefit from this is the key to wealth.  For spiritual wisdom teaches us wealth is the ability to give of yourself without detriment to one’s energy it has little to do with money,  it has everything to do with life force.


For many years I experienced lack, lack of money, love, health one day I heard myself say  “I can make do, just get the basic one. It does the same job.”  

While this is true it limits on all levels.  Just making do allows no room for growth, no potential to evolve. It is as if I took an acorn and did not plant it then moaned that the oak never manifested!

Being afraid to ask for more can be a product of low self worth or self doubt.  

“I will only spend a 100 bucks on a car as if I get a nice one someone may steal it or scratch the paint.”

What that statement may mean is..

“I am getting my life full of stuff that I don’t love as a reflection  of my own deep beliefs around my self love” .

The ego may say otherwise but why would anyone surround themselves with sub standard things, places or people?  

By loving all the stuff which makes up your material experience you generate more love, more energy and wealth.  You will affect those you meet in an amazing way.  Someone once remarked “You feel really lucky”

I replied that we make our own luck and was just loving life.   

This adjustment to thinking allows for a deeper connection on all levels, ultimately all we can see, measure and weigh is an illusion. A mystical dance of energy frozen in moments by belief and perception.  By loving and wanting to cultivate a more loving and  fulfilling life we allow the dance of energy room to be awesome.  

  1. Take a moment now to adjust one aspect of your life so that you can love it more. Put a picture of a loved one up on a bare wall,  now you can love that space a little more and you will want to sit I  that space a little more and as you do you fill it with love and love always gives more back.
  2. Be discerning of what you see, hear, watch and eat.  By loving all you do more you will become healthier.  Even watching tv can become an act of love.  Enjoy uplifting programs which inspire you, open you and give you the urge to be more.
  3. Be the most amazing you can be especially when Alone,   honouring yourself for no other reason than you can is so empowering.

Everything in your world is important either as a help or hindrance and being aware of the difference is vital. Love it all but understand some things, people and places are best loved from a distance.   

Balance yin and yang


One if the fundamental problems of the western world is the mismanagement of our energy. Our chi is vital, balancing this subtle energy is a daily practice. For those you you who engage in yoga, Tai chi or qigong you know the importance of right eating, right living and so on yet the simple act of living in a society where working hard in situations which may not serve us fully will affect our chi and our health.

From an early age we are persuaded that it is correct to serve others, putting the needs of others before our own and that is noble when we serve our purpose in the correct way.

Back to chi,  more concisely the components which generate it.  Let talk about yin and yang.


We could while away many hours discussing the nature of these primal forces how ever for the purpose of the article we will keep it simple, quite literal.  Think the sea and a boat upon it.

The water is yin, it supports and moves the boat which is yang, yang is more rigid, unyielding and temporary whereas yin is endless, fluid and ever-changing, supporting the vessel.

In terms of our energy when we serve a cause which requires us to sacrifice part of ourselves we become yin externally. It follows that we become yang internally,  this will lead to issues of fatigue,  inability to respond to change without frustration, excess heat in the body and much more.  

Many of you reading this will have empathic abilities and you are most at risk.  As you are hard wired to care, it is of vital importance to nurture yourself first,  you will find your ability to care will increase many fold.  Once your internal yin is anchored your yang energy will be appropriate and your actions will be balanced.


In the next article I will share some exercises to aid in balancing yin and yang.

Protect yourself

I have been a student of spiritual and personal development for many years now and still get goosebumps when a concept “clicks” inside me, making me smile so hard as I just get it.  I love that experience.

Recently I had a moment of that and I’d really love to share it with you.

For many of us life is a constant practice of keeping “on top” of life,  a task of keeping the head above water.  Taking some time out from that practice allows us to refocus on the real nature of life,  remembering that we are amazing beings having a limited physical experience,  yes. Read that line again, limited experience.

As a young child I knew there was more that the visible, the measurable.  I suspected more was out (And in) there, yet when I questioned this suspicion I was told that this line of thought was dangerous,  the occult and black magic this way lie!


I was, as a young child given a fear which for a while suspended my investigations. I felt like I had been warned off,  back off,  don’t ask questions.

But that didn’t last long…

A while later I found a bible and started to read parts of it.  I was around nine or ten at the time and my parents came into the room. “don’t read that,  it’s not something you should get involved in.”

Something clicked,  we fear anything we cannot understand.  I put that book down and began to imagine the true nature of reality and how we are kept out of that and I found this conclusion. Fear of the unknown stops us knowing,  fear what you cannot see, stay in the dark.

Many years later I joined a spiritual “circle”

I was told in the strongest terms to protect myself, “from what? “  I asked.

“there are dark energies out there.”

I remembered that bible and the responses to my childhood questions,  I felt a sense of sadness that, once again I was facing someone in fear and trying to feel safe in that fear was attempting to pull me into it with them.  I sat in that circle one time only and was sad to see the energy of it and the others within in.

Over the years I have met people who believe there will be a second coming, alien invasion, disaster and they and their group will be the saviours of the land. On the appointed date nothing happens and then the delusion shatters.

I always wondered why people would fall for this delusion until one day I spoke to a professor of literature.   “We are all basically tuned into the idea of struggle, overcoming or giving into it,  transcending pain or giving pain is a basic device in all stories. “

It made sense. We are all used to the concept of good and bad.  Right and wrong,  if I am good there must be a bad.

In the current vernacular the term lightworker is common. Even this suggests working against darkness yet the dark is not bad.  Stepping into the dark will heighten our senses, tap into your instinct and slow you down.   The dark is where you can really find yourself. We need to elevate ourselves from the need to be good, right or on a side because in a world of duality one standpoint attracts and creates the opposite.  The more we affirm our rightness we invoke the potential of wrongness.  I know people who are so spiritually aware that they cannot function in the material world,  that is not the way to be.  We are here I  the mondial to experience it all and to also remember we are the very thing we are seeing and feeling too.

Living with the need to distance and protect yourself will simply bring into your experience the very energies you fear,  you create it.  There are times when we need to be aware, even to withdraw. That is the task of your awareness. Being in the moment so allow you to feel when to be guarded. Remember a skilled martial artist does not walk around tense, always in ready stance. No,  they are relaxed and enjoy life,  only when the need arises will they act.

We create our own reality, make sure yours is calm and chilled.

Protect yourself by being one with everything not by shutting yourself off. WIN_20170522_10_00_04_Pro

The mindset of power & success

Life is for some a thing which happens around them, to them sometimes.  For many of us life is hard,  a series of events to “get through”

Yet some other of us will open their eyes each day and say “bring it! “  and here is the secret to energizing your life.  Mindset!

Mind set is a powerful term, to set one’s mind so as to maximise their potential, their experience and indeed their own lives is massive, imagine you had the power to do this to set and seal your mind so as to win your goals,  to get the maximum from each hour of your experience.   How would that look,  feel and be?

For many years I have studied energy medicine and related arts. In particular chi gung and tai chi.   Chi gung teaches that the mind is a tool which must be mastered. Just had a skilled fighter masters the sword, allowing maximum effect with minimum movement,  the mind is trained to be totally at your command.

But wait,  is your mind not you?

               Who is controlling the mind?

The term mind.  It’s tricky as mind is not brain, is not thought it is more akin to a field influenced by potential, perception and belief.

So, in very simple language, when I am faced with a new potential I have two choices;

See it as totally new and go forward to investigate its potential or,

See it through the filter of memory, past experience and retreat or worse move forward treating it as if it were the past.

Belief is powerful.  It sends nations to war!   So we must understand where our belief comes from in order that we do not become slave to it.

Perception is based upon belief.  Both perception and belief effect potential.  Your potential is you!  The limits of you are belief and perception,  change these and you will energise your potential.

To begin to “set” the mind is to become aware of the limits one allows upon it.  Allow is an important term,  we allow,  we are always in mastery of our minds, most of the time we just practice badly.  This is seen in pessimists who’s mantra is  “what’s the point. It never works.” And when it does fail they rejoice in the “see, told you so! “

Why do some seem to always win and even when it goes off plan they Still come back winning?  It’s the mind set.  Success is all there is,  in what ever firm it shows up in I learn from it, I grow from it.  To set the mind

  1. Never see failure, instead find the learning in the experience.

  2. Ponder the immense miracle that you are!  How you came to be here, now is so impossible yet it all happened so easily,  what IS really impossible?    Even if you can imagine it and have no idea how to make it happen yet,  you will soon. So, for now make a version of it.

  3. Always be aware that you are the watcher of thought.  Sometimes the maker of thought but mostly for now the watcher, when you become aware of this you become the seer, the seer of the thought which is no more than an influential pressure upon your infinite potential.    Spent some time each day as the passive watcher, be aware of the negative thoughts and their impact on your state of being.  These are limiting you in every moment and your most important mission is to guard against these slipping into the field of your potential.  As you become stronger you will notice a quiet calm bestow its self upon you.  You will awaken to stillness and here the seer becomes aware of true consciousness.

  4. Consider this, we live life the wrong way round.  We act on external stimuli which friend out our own potential.  Practice flowing out and allowing flow in. Be decerning. Never accept dross and negative energy into your sacred self.

  5. There are 3 tasks for you to master.  The seer, the keeper of the gate and the potential.   Go slowly in your training and your potential, your instinct and insight will expand.

To end I would love to share some words;

Devine am I inside and out, whatever I touch is so too.

Starmade are we, impossible made mundane, never forget the miracle you hide within your form. Never forget all that you experience is magical, it simply reflects your potential.


Solar eclipse in Pisces February 26th 2017


Tomorrow’s eclipse at 8 degrees of Pisces is a powerful end and beginning.  Hitting some major aspects astrologically it ushers in an amazing opportunity to work on healing past hurts, overcome wounds at the soul/energy level (Chiron)  Understand how illusion has held us back from realizing our dreams (Neptune)  I can help us to heal from the past both individually and collectively (South Node) and learn to communicate our needs (Mercury)

All this power at once can potentially blow us away but, as always the universe seeks to aid us and we also have Jupiter in opposition to Uranus and Mars, this arrangement seeks to heighten new thought, direction and can propel us into the realm of radical change so couple this with the eclipse energy and we are all set to make massive, amazing changes.

Change always causes an amount of fear but again, fear not as Pluto in the 3rd house, the house of the mind allows us a guiding light into the subconscious where all the stuff we need to release abides.  The mind is a multi-level labyrinth but with the Lord of the hidden in the house of the mind as our guide we have nothing to fear. rest assured not only will you be able to transcend many, if not all blocks it may also trigger some ideas to generate much needed cash in your life.

In short, things can only get better!

Tarot-the book of life

I am really excited to be able to offer this amazing offering to you as a 90 minute video teaching on the deepest aspect of the Tarot, not as a divination tool but as an instruction book for a better life.

Not only can we employ the Tarot to aid us in forecasting life’s path we can, with the correct information make our experience more forfilling, deeper and powerful.


This information has been gathered over 25 years and I am now able to distil it into a form that can be used immediately, I promise it will change the way you look at Tarot.


So head on over to my YouTube channel and buy a copy today!

November Super Moon

This Moon is a big turning point in the road of the year, it marks a time of fierce clearing energy which becomes available to us on and around the 14th November.  Even though the ego will try to convince that we need these people or events in our lives the Taurus  Moon will flood us with the power to become self caring at a level some will never have felt.

This Moon sees the beginning of the return of energy to its lowest point at the winter solstice. This is not a bad thing at all, it is a time of great celebration!  The idea of energy returning to its lowest point reminds me of the Tao Te Ching  “The sea is king of all river because it lowers itself therefore all rivers flow to it. ”

This wisdom has been taken and twisted in western teaching to become “The meek will inherit the Earth.”   Being meek is not an option when we need to care for ourselves, we have to lower ourselves, in other words ground yourself in the things and energies you need to thrive,  when we allow ourselves to BE in the now we become very wise indeed and it is far easier to attend to the one or two things in the now rather than the ten thousand things in a future which, not only has not happened but may never.

Take these days and focus on what you really need and use the energy of the Moon which is most powerful in dissolving your intellect and allowing your instinct to guide you. It may feel odd, even dangerous but learn to trust it and your life can change for the better.

Astrology, how can it be of use to us?

Astrology is the study of human nature using the positions of the planets within the area of sky known as the zodiac. it is a powerful tool for self awareness and insight.
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While it is not a definite indicator of what will be astrological understanding will aid us in seeing repeating patterns and trends, this knowledge can allow us to make different choices and bring change.

Astrology forecast

Astrology is the study of human nature using the positions of the planets within the area of sky known as the zodiac. it is a powerful tool for self awareness and insight. We are offering a number of different forecast options based on the most popular needs so choose from the menu below and get to know yourself even better
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Super Moon in Aries 16/17 October 2016

I have been looking forward to the Full Moon for a while now as it marks a real ‘hallway’ in our path through the year. By hallway I draw you to the saying “One door closes and another door opens. How good are we at shutting all the doors to the past though?
This unwillingness to close the doors is highlighted when we try and move forward. The noise from the rooms of our past distract us so that we cannot focus on the now.
So this full Moon give us some much needed rocket fuel to put some distance between us and the past.
This exercise can be done at any time but at the moment with so many people focusing on the act of letting go, cutting chords or what ever you wish to name it there is a little more energy to play with..

The most effective way to do this is to focus on the one area of your life you have the biggest problem in, take a while to think of the situation, person or place and then let your imagination lead you to the real reasons you struggle. You will dismiss a lot of it but don’t! Let your imagination, which is linked right into the center of your intuition give you new and surprising ways to be. Stick with it, it may take a while to get into it fully but I tell you this, it will become one of the most powerful tools you have.
The key to shutting the doors of the past are;

1. understand you can learn about yourself from it.
2. Understand you own your feelings and are in total command of them. (If you are not then your ego is.)
3.Never blame, never!

Three is the hardest, work at it for when you can forgo blame you are nearer peace.

And we all need that.